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2046, Strovolos,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Shading Solutions
in Cyprus

We offer a wide range of exterior and interior shading solutions, designed to provide maximum comfort as well as energy efficiency. Our shading solutions in Cyprus are customized to address specific challenges, such as glare and heat gain and of course to offer our customers comfortable and inviting indoor and outdoor spaces.

Interior Shading
Exterior Shading
shading solutions in cyprus
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Zebra Blinds
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Perfect Fit
  • Sliding Panels
  • Silhouette Shades
  • Rolling Shutters
  • Sun Breakers
  • Wooden Pergolas
  • Aluminium Pergolas
  • Awnings
  • Car Shelters
  • Umbrellas
  • Shade Sails


Exceptional Shading Solutions
in Cyprus

Our company is a leading provider of high-quality shading solutions in Cyprus. With an extensive list of satisfied customers and a strong reputation, our experts are your people once you decide to increase the aesthetic of your indoor and outdoor space and at the same time protect your property with shading solutions.

Our years of experience in the industry and the exceptional shading solutions we deliver have made us a trusted and reliable partner for homeowners and businesses alike.

shading solutions in cyprus
shading solutions in cyprus

Commitment to Quality

We provide products of the highest quality, using advanced methods and always following strict manufacturing standards.

shading solutions in cyprus

Attention to Detail

When constructing shading solutions in Cyprus, we take care to ensure that every part of our shading constructions is perfect.

shading solutions in cyprus

Customizable Options

We work closely with each customer to make sure that we deliver their shading solution according to their individual needs.

shading solutions in cyprus


Our team of professionals is always ready to answer questions and provide expert advice throughout the construction process.

aluminium carports in cyprus

Happy Clients, Happy Us


My new aluminium pergola in Cyprus exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure of the design I wanted, and the professionals guided me since day one to make sure that the pergola would fit my needs. They designed and installed an aluminium bioclimatic pergola specifically custom made for me and it is perfect. I can control the aluminium louvers to protect my furniture from rain and sun and I can now enjoy my garden all year long.


I was a bit hesitant when my wife told me to go for vertical blinds but it turns out it was the best choice for us. They provide the perfect balance of light and privacy, and the installation process was quick. It is an elegant and very practical addition to our house. Thank you!


The aluminium pergola for our veranda is great. So useful and of high quality. The whole process for smooth the the team was extremely helpful and informative. It is obvious that the products and techniques the team uses are top. Our pergola is sleek, modern and one of the best additions to our outdoor space. I highly recommend this team to anyone in Cyprus looking for a durable and stylish pergola.


I recently got zebra blinds installed in my home in Cyprus and I am extremely satisfied with the result. I am glad I made this choice because I have privacy and lighting control and can change the room from light to dark in an instant.


Our aluminium carport is a great addition to our house. It provides protection for my car from the strong Cyprus sun while also adding a sleek and modern look to my property. I love how I can use it as a garage but also as a place to gather when we have friends over. We just move my car and use it as a pergola where we can sit.


As a business owner in the hospitality sector, customer satisfaction is my priority. I got umbrellas for the exterior of my restaurant, and it was the best decision. They are not only elegant and stylish but also very practical and easy to open, close and move around. It is obvious that the materials used are of top quality and that they are safe in case of strong winds.


My aluminium bioclimatic pergola looks great and provides the perfect amount of shade and ventilation based on the weather. The team and their shading solutions in Cyprus is the best. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable making the team the best in Cyprus.